wreath making at community grows

On one fine Saturday afternoon the Bloom Justice team went to Community Grows to go learn how to make some wreaths. As we arrived there were so many tree clippings and decorations from the local crafts store to help us create our own wreath. They had square and circle frames to start it off, flexible wire and strong clippers to cut branches and wire. They also had two different types of trees I believe it was pine and evergreen. I personally used the pine I thought it looked better, but after I choose what branches I wanted to use I grabbed one branch at a time and used the wire to wrap it around a small piece through out the frame. When that was all done you go to move to the next table to decorate your wreath with whatever you wanted. They had feathers, Christmas ornaments, animals, little toys, flowers, and many, many other pretty things. All of our came out pretty and was a real nice and easy little project to make so I suggest you go and get the supplies and try it out for yourself.