Watersheds (Water Month)

To continue our studies in water month in San Francisco well to be more exact in California there’s a drought and its the one of the worst ones since the mid 1800’s. We are trying to reduce water use by 20%. We have several watersheds in San Francisco. A watershed is an area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas. San Francisco covered a lot of watersheds with cement but we have a few left in different district’s. Our teens received a packet with eight principle of successful rainwater harvesting. Those main principles were:

1)Begin with long and thoughtful observation

2)Start at the top (high point) of your watershed and work your way down.

3) Start small and simple

4)Spread and infiltrate the flow of water

5)Always plan an overflow route, and manage that overflow as a resource.

6)Maximize living and organic ground cover.

7)Maximize beneficial relationships and efficiency  by “stacking functions.”

8)Continually reassess your system: the “feedback loop.”