Water Presentation

Yesterday our Bloom Justice team gave a presentation on what we’ve been learning in the last month to everyone in Ella Hill Hutch. We talked about our vision, assessment and strategy for how we will want to use and save water.¬†We talked about where we want to see ourselves in the future with possibly a cistern and an irrigation system. How we can save water since we are in a really bad drought. We wanted to let everyone in the community center know what our plans are and what we will be doing in the near future. We hope to raise enough money soon to get a cistern to catch rainwater and use water from the janitors closet so we don’t have to do so much labor. We are also making berms in the garden so we can save more water when we water the plants. We plan to use as much water as possible from rain water in our garden. We even went up to the roof to see if we can find any drains or gutters to see if we can catch rain water from there as well. Technically our presentation was based on letting everyone here know about what we are going to do from here on out.