Visuals of Nature: as far as the color of bronze flowers

Like many people, the colors of nature tend to have an effect on my mood. Though the Bloom Justice garden is filled with abundant greenery, there are still the little perks of the garden that stand out. Some of those perks are the 5-6 bronze sunflowers that are planted in the garden. Unlike the popular, regular, and yellow sunflower, bronze sunflowers have…well of course a bronze color to it. However, because of its dark color, I personally get this feeling of darkness or depression if you will, inside of me. So far, these bronze sunflowers in the garden are the only “dark” plants in the garden. Every time I take a walk around the garden or am working on it, I can’t help but notice the bronze sunflowers. I honestly do not like it because while the entire garden is filled with so much greenery and a few flowers that grow bright colors that lift my spirits high, it is only the bronze sunflowers that turn my mood down. There isn’t a time when I look at the bronze sunflowers and not get a negative vibe from them. Don’t get me wrong, I think bronze sunflowers are beautiful flowers, but I personally wouldn’t leave them or even plant them for that matter in a garden with colors that fills many hearts with joy. I guess you can say I’d prefer to have bright colors in any garden than dark colors. After all, who doesn’t like seeing a garden bright and healthy? That’s just my opinion though. What’s your opinion on dark colored flowers? What mood are you in when you see a dark colored flower?