Valentine’s Day Success

Valentine’s Day was a success. In the morning, we went to south of Market to the Flower Mart to buy flowers and greenery. Then, we headed back to the garden to prepare. After the preparation, we began making arrangements. We continued making arrangements for the clients and afterwards made a few extra for some of the staff at Ella Hill Hutch Community Center to share some of the love with them. Following that, some of our clients picked up their arrangement and we dropped off arrangements to the clients that weren’t able to pick theirs up. At the end, we walked down Hayes to look for potential clients. A pedestrian was happy with her Bloom Justice score.  Next time we hope to increase our customers and revenue. A good outcome was that we earned back the amount of money we spent on the flowers we bought. A personal lesson that I learned from this experience was to not underestimate myself. A huge thanks goes to all who contributed in any way to support our Valentine’s Day offering!