The Lift of the Garden

"In Bloom" -- photo by Margaretha Haughwout
“In Bloom” — photo by Margaretha Haughwout

In the beginning of Bloom Justice, when the garden was all done and just ready for all the plants to grow, excitement came upon all those who are a part of Bloom Justice. The first two months or so is when the plants and trees began to grow and looked nothing but healthy and beautiful. But like many gardens, the change of weather began to have an effect on the garden. The presence of Summer made the garden sad and so the many beautiful and healthy green plants and trees began to dry up and became brown and dead. For a while during the summer, I thought that the garden wouldn’t be the same again. I was wrong. Of course, seasons changed. Obviously, during the summer, we tried our hardest to make the garden happy. It didn’t work out. But when the end of Summer came and the beginning of Fall hit us, the garden got its strength back and all the plants and trees were once again green and beautiful. The workers of Bloom Justice and I had a smile on our faces once again and worked our hardest to make sure the garden stays like this. I like to call this “The Lift of the Garden.” As of right now, the garden is still healthy. We are now starting a new garden near the first one. Hopefully, the second garden grows to become similar to the first one.