Grafting as Seen in the Eyes of Those in Bloom Justice

A grafted plant, the basic definition of what grafting is: Much appreciation and thanks to Tara Hui. I and the rest of Bloom Justice had the honor of learning and seeing first-hand of how grafting works. I guess you can say grafting is literally putting a piece of the body of one plant and connecting it to a branch or scion of another plant. For those that didn’t understand that, grafting is to cause a scion to unify with a stock of another plant. Kind of weird, right? But this weird technique is also a unique one at that. And what Tara Hui did to our plum tree was absolutely awesome. Tara brought a few scions from two of her trees and connected it to two branches of Bloom Justice’s plum tree. With that, our plum tree will no longer only grow plums, but cherries and nectarines as well! We got a first-hand look at how grafting works when Tara connected a scion from her nectarine tree to one of the branches of our plum tree by slicing one end of the scion in a certain way and angle to make sure it fit correctly into the branch that Tara decided to unite it with and performed the very same process with a scion she brought from a cherry tree. Well, that’s all for now folks. Stay tuned to see our plum tree grow three kinds of fruits. Thanks Tara Hui!