Seeding: The 411

“Without seeds, we wouldn’t have these trees.”

As Margaretha began the Seeding lesson we looked up and around and couldn’t help but notice all the trees covering our little park and think about how they came about. Same goes for the flower plants and fruit trees we added to our garden two weeks ago. After exploring the elements of our garden, it’s time to learn how to grow our own flowers from the start. Today we learned about seeds, soil blocking and made starts.

The Anatomy of a Seed

We learned that the embryo holds the preliminary tissues for the leaves (cotyledons), stem (hypercotl & epicotl), and root (radicle). The endosperm tissue protects, hydrates and nourishes the embryo as the seedling begins to germinate, before roots from. The seedcoat provides another layer or protenction. Angiosperms are flowering plants (what we’re working on today) and  gymnosperms are non-flowering plants like pines.


Soil Blocking

With soil block makers and a healthy mix of locally-cultivated compost we made soil blocks! The soil blocks look like brownies (with holes in the middle for seeds). Check it out!



photos by Cyndie Hoffman


What We’re Growing!

We chose to seed Purslane, Zinnia, Sunflower, Hyacinth Bean, and Morning Glory. Our plants will be propagated and cared for in a nearby greenhouse.

photo by Cyndie Hoffman

Wrapping up. See you soon!

photo by Cyndie Hoffman