Mayor’s Earth Day Breakfast

Earth Day was this passed Tuesday on the 22 of April. I’m pretty confident that everyone now knows it was Bloom Justice who created all the jaw-dropping arrangements that were present at the mayor’s Earth Day breakfast. But I’m not here to fond all over the arrangements that we created. I’m here to describe the experience that the Bloom Justice team and I had the day of the mayor’s Earth Day breakfast. First off, Margaretha, Stephanie, Samantha, a cousin of mine and Samantha, and I all met up at Margaretha’s place, headed to city hall, put all the arrangements we made into the places they belonged to, waited till the breakfast started, ate a little bit, met a few new people, speeches were later given by the mayor and many others and called it a morning. However, what I enjoyed most during the breakfast were all the compliments and support that were given to the Bloom Justice team. The Bloom Justice team honestly put a lot of time and hard work into making the arrangements for the mayor’s Earth Day breakfast.  The fact that we were approached by various people that work for different companies meant a lot because that personally shows me that all the time that was invested into this project was worth every little drop of sweat. It truly is a comforting feeling to know that people appreciate the work that’s done by others. A special thanks goes to everyone who have helped Bloom Justice get this far and continue to support us. The Bloom Justice team genuinely appreciates everyone’s support.