Garden Maintnance (Wednesday work)

Wednesday is one of our hardest workings days because all we do is labor. We clean up all the trash thats around that people just throw on the floor. I personally think we need trash cans around because its a pain to have to clean up after other people. We also dead head, which in other words is cutting down everything that looks dead after its bloomed. Weeding is another big thing we do because i mean no one like to see all that nasty bermuda grass growing around our pretty plants. Now the biggest and hardest thing we do is water and i say that because we dont have an irrigation system so we walk in and out of ella hill with heavy buckets of water for about an hour or more to water the whole garden. The last thing we do is sweep up all the dirt left on the path and rake up all the leaves so our garden can look all clean and fresh. Its a long process but our garden looks great and it catches alot of peoples attention from the community. Its HARD work but its all worth it in the END.