Free Farm

We would like to thank the Free Farm for sharing lots of Calendula plants, Hummingbird Sage, and Geraniums with us as they exit their location on Eddy and Laguna Streets.

As I’m sure many of you all know, the Free Farm is going to be shut down soon by the end of this year. To be honest, I don’t know much about this farm because I barely learned last week that this farm even existed. However, I did happen to take a visit to the Free Farm with Margaretha last week and I have to say that it wasn’t too bad. Though we didn’t get to enter the farm, the view through the gate was pretty fantastic. I enjoyed observing all the kinds of plants and trees at the Free Farm. The size of the plants and trees fascinated me most because they were enormous! I really liked how the Free Farm had their own little system going on of compost and recycle bins and I think a bathroom as well if I’m not mistaken. And unlike Bloom Justice, they had plenty of water hoses which I’m sure is a really big help. I don’t have much left to say about this farm except that I think it’s pretty neat that even though the ground of the farm isn’t flat and super bumpy and hilly in fact, it’s an overall good looking farm and I’m glad many people took the initiative to even start a farm in that location in the first place. Well, sad to say, this farm will soon no longer be a farm, but I’m sure it was good while it lasted.