Expedia Volunteer Day 09/20/2013

Thank you to the 40 Expedia volunteers that came out to our garden to help us start on a new section to our garden on the other side of the tennis courts at Ella Hill Hutch Community Center. We truly appreciate the effort and work that was put into renovating the area we’re going to start on this fall.

Not only did the Expedia volunteers make a difference to the new area by taking out all of  the nutrient deficient dirt which was later replaced by new dirt, fertilizer and mulch, but they also repainted the benches around the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center, painted foursquare and hopscotch games onto the ground and helped renew one of the rooms inside Ella Hill Hutch Community Center. With this, we give thanks again and won’t forget that Expedia was a part of making not only our new area look good, but some of the community look good as well.

Before                                                                   After

 bloomjustice3    bloomjustice2.0jpg