Dont use black plastic!


When starting on a new garden, most people automatically think it’s best to use black plastic to prevent weeds from growing. Little do they know, black plastic is by far the worst way to prevent weeds from growing in a garden. I say this because I’ve seen this kind of tragedy happen before. Sure, black plastic does prevent weeds from growing in a garden for a while, but not as long as cardboard does. And the worst part about using black plastic in a garden is is that it is very tough to remove. I also say this because I have personally experienced trying to remove black plastic. Let me tell you, it’s not easy and it isn’t pretty. So please, if you or anyone you know plan on using black plastic in a garden because of laziness, don’t. Put cardboard on instead. Cardboard also adds some nutrient to your garden and holds water. Save yourself and others the time of stress in life. So make the right choice!