DIY Vases: Spray painting Method

While surfing the internet for DIY vases a few weeks back, our boss, Margaretha Haughwout and a few of our students learned about one of the many fascinating methods of making DIY vases. This discovery was the spray painting method. The spray painting method is one of the many ways to make a DIY vase. For those who do not know what DIY means, it stands for Do It Yourself. Anyway, Margaretha, Samantha and myself had the extraordinary pleasure of experimenting this method by using some of the spray cans we have in our bin and spray painting a few vases that Margaretha provided us with. Though we did enjoy spray painting the vases, we have to admit that it’s best to use sponges and spray paint or regular paint to decorate vases because there aren’t many options with just spray painting a vase. Despite a few of the difficulties we experienced spray painting the vases, it’s an overall good method to do. Stay tuned for more experiments!