Common White Garden Camellia

I tried looking up the scientific name for camellia, but because it is an ornamental flower, it has been cultivated; therefore, having too many names to choose from. So we’ll call the camellias that I’m going to talk about common white garden camellias. Because it is blooming season for camellias, our garden has plenty of camellias growing left and right. An interesting fact about the camellias in our garden is that they are existing garden plants. We built the garden around it. What seems to amaze me all the time is the fact that the camellias don’t ever die. They have their season to bloom and even when it isn’t blooming season, the camellia plants always look beautiful to me. I guess this is one of the many reasons why it’s a cultivated flower. There are different kinds of colors for camellias. The ones we have in our garden are white. Something I noticed a while back about the camellia plants in our garden, is that they don’t require a lot of direct sun. I would recommend this plant to anyone who really love and appreciate flowers.