Brightening Up The #GardenGram

It’s been a light week of gardening! Everyone seemed distracted. At first we got to business – watering, pruning and planting red twig dogwood (a colorful plant that will brighten up the space in the wintertime with its vibrant red branches).

Then we decided to relax and have fun. Energy was all over the place so two of us calmed down by sitting in the garden, writing and drawing. Then we broke out the spray paint and colored a new selection of rocks.

Ohhhh, and now we’re on instagram! Check out our #gardengram-ing and let us know what you think 🙂 Let’s be friends here:


IMG_1324Sophia spray painting rocks.

IMG_1327The flower garden looking especially colorful 🙂

IMG_1316Stencil graffiti from earlier this spring.