Brad Lancaster Water Presentation

On Monday the 10th of February around 7 at night the Bloom Justice team went to the Botanical Gardens to hear Brad’s water presentation. They spoke about how long California’s been in a drought which is about 100-1000 years. We also learned that grey water is reusable water which you can get from your shower or laundry any reusable water that you have no need of using anymore. You can pour that water on your garden if you have one or any plants you see, anything in need. Brad talked about how fog harvest makes water. I personally found that really interesting because I didn’t think there were different ways to make water. He spoke a lot about preserving water and using the rainwater and having catchment systems which is exactly what were looking into having. I also learned that using pruning from trees and plants for mulch makes them grow 33% larger then the ones without. Its more carbon for them. They even mentioned about a site that you can go look on and learn a little more about what they are talking about if you’d like to go check it out. Overall, the presentation was fascinating and Brads enthusiasm really brought us to life and interested in learning more. Tank you so much for the opportunity for going in and learning about your work, We have major plans to implement now.