5 things to be aware of!

As a gardner there is many things you shouldn’t wear or do because gardening is such a dirty job. Ive learned this the hard way.

1. You should wear dark and old clothing because your working with dirt and you will get dirty no matter how careful you try to be.

2. Always wear old shoes because they will also get dirty and get creased really bad.

3. If you are a female don’t get your nails done (like me) its hella hard and dirt can get under your nail and thats hella nasty.

4. If you are scared of bugs this job probably wasn’t ment for you because you are going see all types in the garden.

5. You may have to get on your hands and knees so you might want to get used yo the dirt it will become your best friend

Well there you go everybody the 5 main things to be aware of while working in a garden. I suggest you listen and do as said above because like i said i personally learned the hard way and messed up a lot of my nice clothes and shoes by gardening and I’m still mad.